Our production is costantly improved in order to have a continuous improvement(Kaizen),and even to give our costumers what they want;moreover we reduce the production cost,the production time and the environmental impact. Our approach to the work,take care of all the features of the production. We reduce the technological steps to make the components;we apply the lean manufacturing principles to our production;we study the variability of the processes to achieve zero flaws in production;we reduce the use of lubricants for cutting; we follow our principles to guarantee the best quality to satisfy our customers necessities;we reduce the cost for fixing and replacement of our products;we also have our support service to help our customers.


Given the fact that we work in a high technology sector and we want to make a high standard products ,our employees are costantly trained,they partecipate to specific training course for the sector in wich they work.


The costant development of the mechanical technology led to the devolopment of additive manufacturing wich support the old waste removal technology with the 3D printer EOS M290.


“POR FESR 2014-2020 Bando Reti d’impresa per l’internazionalizzazione” Creazioen di una rete Aerospaziale